Ebara Pumps

PSL has worked closely with Ebara International Corporation, USA, since 1989 as authorised service engineers and during December of 2012 became an authorised service centre for EIC in the UK, and covering many parts of Europe.   Our clientèle  includes many major energy companies that use cryogenic pumps as well as many large shipping and ship management organisations worldwide.

We work to EIC procedures and standards for service and repair, LPG and LNG pumps used for gas processing plants and shipping companies, this involves:

  • Thorough inspection and examination of equipment/parts using precise measuring instruments allowing us to check critical dimensions and tolerances according to OEM drawings and procedures.
  • Replacing worn and damaged parts with OEM parts from Ebara.
  • Refurbishing and modifying damaged equipment using specialist machining in our modern facility.
  • Straightening and resurfacing pump shafts within the necessary tolerances.
  • Dynamic balancing of shafts and impellers individually and as an assembly.
  • Shrink fitting and machining of wearing surfaces


The video below is a demonstration of  Ebara as the manufacturer of liquefied gas pumps, these are the same kind of pumps serviced here at PSL using the same procedures

For more information on Ebara, visit their website at www.ebaraintl.com. Also visit the website for the Ebara Cryodynamics Division at www.ebaracryo.com for more details on cryogenic equipment such as liquefied gas pumps.